Tuesday, August 26, 2008
How to Know if You're in Love

How to find out if you are in love.


  1. Have you and this guy/girl been friends for a while?
  2. If yes, then good! You know each other well, and can start a relationship!
  3. Do you think about him/her a lot?
  4. If yes, then good! This means you like them. Love, is a different thing... keep moving down the page to check!
  5. When you are sad, is your greatest desire for him/her to hold you, and tell you everything will be ok? If so, you have moved onto a close relationship!
  6. Do you giggle a lot in their presence? If so you have a serious crush?
  7. Does this person like you too?
  8. Do you live,breath and eat thinking about this person?


  • if this person doesn't like you, I am sorry, you can't force anybody to like you, but these might work....
  • Talk to them a lot, and bat your eyelashes, and be a little flirty, but not too obvious, then move on, and go farther, by becoming very flirty. If they don't respond, tone it down a little bit!
  • Be nice looking, but don't overdo it.


  • Don't be a stalker or she/he will think you're strange.
  • Watch what you say and don't let the giggles go out of control!

Things You'll Need

  • Be nice, and make sure, not to overpower, and take things slow. Be careful!

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